Tourmalinated Quartz Points

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Key Words: Purification, recovery from negative influences 
Element: Storm 
Chakras: All

For anyone who has ever wished for a psychic vacuum cleaner to return one’s energy field to the pristine, unpolluted state, Tourmalinated Quartz is an ideal ally. Clear Quartz can be the most wonderful and versatile of tools, with its capacity for amplifying almost any vibratory energy or intention and its easy programmability. However, this strength can also be a weakness, since Clear Quartz can pick up and amplify disharmonious energy. But in this material, the Black Tourmaline exerts a cleansing and grounding influence that keeps the Quartz clear of negativity. The Quartz in turn amplifies Black Tourmaline’s purifying energies, making Tourmalinated Quartz one of the most powerful tools for clearing out ‘bad vibes’ of all types, repairing the auric field, restoring dynamic balance to all the chakras and promoting general well-being.

Tourmalinated Quartz facilitates clear thinking. It is beneficial to people who need help staying on the spiritual path, especially those who have indulged in very negative behaviors, such as crime or drug abuse. Wearing or carrying Tourmalinated Quartz through the day creates a ‘bubble of Light’ around the body, screening out destructive energies. It is ideal for psychic protection, because it keeps negative forces at bay while enhancing overall awareness.

Tourmalinated Quartz is a powerful Storm element stone, allowing one to access and integrate the full spectrum of electromagnetic energy—from the lowest frequencies to the highest. Having a full spectrum of vibrations available to the energy field ensures that the body and aura will receive all of the frequencies necessary for balance and health. Light frequencies are like nutrients in the body. If you starve the energy field of some frequencies, you will eventually experience imbalance and disease. These days, there is a lot of talk about high-frequency energy. While we are, as a species, expanding our ability to process these higher frequencies of Light, we still need the lower frequencies to maintain our physical and emotional health. In earlier times, these energies were absorbed from the environment as humans spent more time outside in the sunlight, the moonlight and in the presence of the Earth in her glory. Today, many people have isolated themselves in houses—separated from the nourishing energies of Nature. Tourmalinated Quartz allows us to receive all of these energies while removing the densities and blockages that can prevent their proper absorption.

Tourmalinated Quartz ‘washes’ the aura, clearing energy patterns that have created stagnation. By clearing these patterns and reestablishing proper flow, Tourmalinated Quartz can cause one to feel both enlightened and grounded. It offers purification, protection and stimulation of the energetic bodies.

SPIRITUAL - Tourmalinated Quartz allows one to receive the full spectrum of Light necessary for proper energetic and physical health. It assists one in purifying on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, so further growth can be undertaken. 
EMOTIONAL - Tourmalinated Quartz helps one identify emotional patterns that need to be purified and cleansed for one to experience more expanded spiritual states. It assists in clearing these patterns so that emotional clarity can be experienced. 
PHYSICAL - Tourmalinated Quartz is excellent for healing rooms and environments. When energies are released during sessions, these stones purify them and turn them into usable energy. Tourmalined Quartz can aid those attempting to purify their bodies after substance abuse and those who are attempting to improve their diets. 
AFFIRMATION - I am filled with and surrounded by spiritual Light, which cleanses, purifies and protects me.

Simmons, Robert. The Book of Stones

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