Spanish Bi-Color Aragonite (Purple)

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These are Spanish Bi-Color Aragonite logs, also known as Purple Aragonite, just in from Spain and they are beautifully rare!

Key Words: Awareness of the living world, awakening higher awareness, attunement to the future stream, grounding heavenly energies on Earth 
Element: Wind, Fire, Storm 
Charkas: Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th), Etheric (8th to 14th)

Spanish Aragonite is the most highly energetic form of Aragonite. It stimulates the third eye and crown chakras very powerfully, and allows one to attune with the frequencies of the etheric chakras above the head. Spanish Aragonite has the unique capacity to step-down the vibrations of the supra-physical or etheric centers so that one can link with them. This facilitates connection with the higher-frequency domains such as the angelic realms. One of the strengths of Spanish Aragonite is its ability to help us connect empathically with animals, so it is highly recommended for those working with animal communication. On a deeper level, Spanish Aragonite encourages one’s capacity to link with the living world. Working with this stone in meditation, or carrying it through the day, can sensitize one’s energy field to the subtle currents operating beneath the visible surface of things and events. Perceptions are experienced as participations. One recognizes one’s own creating activity, and the creating activity of the world. Such experiences bring recognition of an intimate involvement with all that one perceives, and engender the felt sense of life in everything.

Spanish Aragonite carries powerful Life Force currents. With most stones, these currents enter from below, through the root chakra. In the case of Spanish Aragonite, the energies come in through the crown chakra. The Life Force entering us through this portal is involved with the infusion of the Light Body into the physical form, as well as the regeneration of the organism.

Spanish Aragonite brings a great feeling of peace into the cellular consciousness of the body. It first fills the cells with pulsing, living currents of energy, and then encourages all levels of the body, including the etheric, to release into the Universal Wholeness all coalesced negative identifications. When we identify with some experience or feeling of difficulty, a negative pattern coalesces. Aragonite, as it spreads its higher-realm vibration through the body, dissolves these patterns, if we are prepared to accept this.

Many of the high-energy stones have been linked to the Vibrational Ascension process. An old misunderstanding of ‘ascension’ is the idea that it takes one ‘up and out,’ away from the realm of Earth. Spanish Aragonite’s ability to bring powerful energies of spiritual Light down into the body and the Earth from higher-frequency domains demonstrates the real meaning of ascension—the unification and integration of the higher realms with the Earth plane.

One can sometimes feel a strong quality of a potent, unknown future potential when one holds and attunes to this stone. It is resonant with the idea of carrying the memory of the future, and it is strongly linked to the manifestation of that unknown potential in the world. Spanish Aragonite carries the pattern of the Earth’s highest Destiny, and ours as well. It can aid one in envisioning that destiny, and in seeing at least some distance into the coming events that will contribute to that unfolding.

SPIRITUAL - Spanish Aragonite crystals can provide powerful stimulation for the processes of Light Body activation and Vibrational Ascension. They can help to actualize latent spiritual capacities such as visionary awareness and the ability to see future events.
EMOTIONAL - Spanish Aragonite vibrates in the spectrum of joy and ecstasy. The infusion of its energies brings much Light into the emotional body, such that one’s emotionally dysfunctional patterns may be dissolved and replaced with devotion and happiness. 
PHYSICAL - Spanish Aragonite brings Light and high vibrations into the body, eventually permeating every cell and realigning them to pure Life. These stones can be used to help one dislodge the hold of any ailment or negative pattern in the body. 
AFFIRMATION - I welcome the Clear Light into my being, and I align myself with the unfolding of the Divine Plan.

Simmons, Robert. The Book of Stones

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