Indigo Gabbro Sphere - 48mm

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Each sphere is about 48mm in diameter and weigh between 170-80g
Spheres come with the purchase option of buying the sphere alone or with a stand.  
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Indigo Gabbro is a newly mined crystal from Madagascar. 
It has an amazing array of colors from light indigo purple to black and the sensation of very good energy when held in your hand. 

Gabbro is a combination of multiple minerals containing Feldspar, Chlorite, Serpentine, Muscovite, Pyroxene, Hercynite, and Magnetite in a charcoal colored matrix; it may also contain small amounts of Olivine, Chrome Garnet, Actinolite, and Biotite. Due to its magnetite content, it may be attracted to a magnet.

Indigo Gabbro promotes "dominion" and unanticipated developments, which can assist in realizing the importance of individuals and events disregarded or neglected. Indigo Gabbro is said to relieve discordance and violence in temper and expression. It provides a connection to the Higher-Self and awakens the energy of the third-eye, while assisting one in locating energy blockages within the body.

Indigo Gabbro is said to be useful in the treatment of "hot flashes", cellular swelling and infections, disorders of the immune system, bruising, and sprains. It also provides purification within the body, to alleviate the effects of fevers, and to balance the alkalinity of the body. 

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