Green Fluorite / Blue Fluorite Phantom / Calcite Crystals

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A special and rare piece of Fluorite showcasing its green glow, cubic formations, and a rare Blue Fluorite Phantom within the crystal. This Fluorite also includes a tongue of Calcite Crystals. 
Mined from China
Weight: 79g 


Keywords: Mental enhancement and clarity, improved decision-making, clearing the energy fields. 
Wind: Element
Chakras: Heart & Throat

Fluorite can act as a 'psychic vacuum cleaner,' clearing the atmosphere of confusion, cluttered thoughts, negativity and any sort of astral 'hangers on' who are making mischief on one's environment. 

Green Fluorite and heal and cleanse the heart chakra and can help make certain that plans of the mind are approved  by the heart. 
Blue Fluorite is good for the throat chakra ensuring clear communication of one's ideas.

Fluorite brings structure and focus to incoherent or incohesive energies. It helps one to attune to higher guidance during meditation and will tend to produce meditations with rich visions and insights. It is ideal for strengthening one's ability to receive psychic information from energy fields and can enhance one's capacity for interpreting such information. 

Fluorite can remedy confusion, vacillation, instability, dishonesty, and disorders arising from incoherent thought patterns. It helps one to overcome fear of the future. It aids in 'thinking through' one's feelings when one is overwhelmed by emotional experience.  

Fluorite assists in balancing brain chemistry, enhancing learning and memorization abilities, and stimulating the brain. It can assist in issues of dizziness or vertigo and can help one be more physically balanced. Fluorite is strengthening for the bones and teeth. 

Keywords: Insight, clarity, manifestation, forgiveness
Element: Fire, Wind
Chakras: All

Calcite helps to clear energetic blockages, stimulates the third-eye, and aids in releasing the past. It can provide clarity about the correct path to take toward a new reality. It can help one see possibilities for renewal, growth and creation that were previously hidden. 

This crystal ally assists in releasing fear-based or scarcity-based motivations for one's actions and creations. It encourages forgiveness and charity towards oneself and others. It helps one surrender to the Divine and trust the Divine to steer one toward one's highest good. 

Calcite can dissolve energy blockages, dispel stagnation or density in the energy systems, and stimulate energy flow throughout the aura. It stimulates metabolism and can be used as an aid for weight-loss particularly of one is using food as self-punishment. 

Simmons, Robert. The Book of Stones, Revised Edition.

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