Green Apophyllite

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This rare piece comes from India 
5" x 3.5"
1lb 1.1oz

Key Words: Connection with Nature spirits 
Element: Wind, Earth 
Chakras: Crown (7th), Third Eye (6th), Heart (4th)

Green Apophyllite crystals and clusters emanate a sweet energy that resonates with the abundant life force of the world of Nature. Meditation with them can open one’s perception to seeing and interacting with Nature spirits, devas, and even to telepathic communication with animals and plants. Just keeping one or more of these stones in one’s indoor environment will infuse it with the refreshing energies of Nature. Carrying or wearing one will increase the flow of life force throughout one’s whole being. These are ideal stones for those recovering from illness—invoking the energies of rebirth, healing and growth. Green Apophyllite can assist those who wish to work with Nature spirits in gardening or in restoring wild areas. Such beings take great delight in these stones, and the clusters make wonderful outdoor ‘offerings,’ as well as decorative pieces.

Green Apophyllite is connected to both the Wind and Earth elements and is one of the few stones that can balance these polarity energies. It opens one to the intelligence of the natural world and assists one in connecting with the consciousness of the planet itself. It is an excellent stone for Earth Healing and Earth Evolution work. It can also be used as a support in purifying toxic environments and in protecting oneself from environmental pollution.

Because of its ability to attune one to the spiritual frequencies of Nature, it is ideal when one is working with portals and dimensional doorways. It can help one become more sensitive to these natural openings between dimensions as they occur in vortices and other ‘power spots.’

SPIRITUAL - Green Apophyllite facilitates communion with Nature beings. It can facilitate use of natural vortices of energy and dimensional doorways. It can be used for communication with the other kingdoms of nature, both plant and animal. 
EMOTIONAL - Green Apophyllite lends a sweet, hopeful and growing energy to one’s emotional body. It can help one overcome cynicism as one rediscovers the childlike joy and wonder of simply being alive on the Earth. 
PHYSICAL - Green Apophyllite can aid one in self-healing from degenerative disease or diseases of the tissues. It can assist in detoxification of the body, especially from chemical pollution. It can help the body move into resonance with the electromagnetic field of the Earth. 
AFFIRMATION - I am a creature of the Earth, at one with the realm of Nature.

Simmons, Robert. The Book of Stones

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