Global Reset Crystal Kit

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We’ve had a lot of people inquire about crystals, and which are best for the times we are in right now. One could call this the COVID-19 Crystal Kit, but what we are going through right now is provided by Gaia herself; the virus is just a trigger and here, we will not promote fear. This is a much needed global reset. Mother Earth is ascending and she is taking us with her, but lower-density structures must collapse first, and this is why it feels like the “world is ending”. Surrender and trust that what is happening, is a good thing. As we ascend, energy will amplify and this will make it a very significant time to use crystals in healing and energy work.

This Global Reset Crystal Kit provides the following crystals to aid in your health, (mind, body and spirit) during these transitional times:

Bloodstone: Mega-Healer, strengthens immune system, grounding

Rose Quartz: Inner-peace, self-love, Universal love

Chevron Amethyst: Trust in higher-power, higher-self and holds intensions for manifesting

Sodalite: Balances emotions, calms panic, strengthens immune system 

Citrine: Abundance, wealth, optimism in life

*Teal burlap drawstring pouch will be provided with purchase instead of the Lilac organza pouch pictured above

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