Gardenia + Pine Scented Crystal Candle

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Our Gardenia + Pine Scented Crystal Candle is elegantly presented as well as elegantly scented.  

This inviting candle is presented to you and your house-guests with the sweet smell of Gardenia, mixed with the fresh evergreen notes of Frosted Juniper.  
It is also topped with a Clear Quartz Crystal to keep and a fresh piece of pine. 

Each of our candles are handcrafted in a high vibrational environment and blessed with loving intensions. 

This candle comes in a 9oz glass jar with a white, metal, twist-off lid or UPGRADE to a 12oz glass jar with a glass, suction-seal lid.
See last photo for 12oz jar display

Our candles are eco-friendly and vegan-friendly using only:
-100% natural soy wax
-Cotton, lead-free wicks
-Non-toxic vegetable oil dyes
-Natural essential oils
-Organic herbs
-9oz jar comes packaged in a candle, travel tube made of recycled material and great for many other uses.

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