Full Moon Crystal Candle

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We have carefully thought-out and designed our candles to be specially handcrafted differently than other ritual candles out there. Our candles are uniquely blended with natural soy wax, magickal herbs and oils, specific to the candles purpose.

The full moon indicates a time in your life to release what is no longer serving you, 
and to make space for what is to come for your highest good.
Energy is the root of everything. If we quiet the mind and tune into the 
divinity within us, we can control the flow of energy, guiding it to work for our 
higher good; to heal, to cleanse, to manifest and to protect. 
To enhance the energetic flow through you and your candle, 
a crystal has been included, chosen for its specific 
metaphysical and healing properties.

The Full Moon candle was created using cedarwood, vanilla, frankincense, 
gardenia, tuberose, jasmine, hyssop, sage, star anise, cinnamon, coarse salt and 
topped with black tourmaline crystal chips for psychic protection & a clear quartz 
crystal to clear out what you are releasing and to hold in your new intentions. This candle 
has been cleansed and charged infusing positivity and loving blessings for you.

This candle comes in a luxurious 10oz silver-mirrored vessel with a sand effect, suction-seal metal lid.
50 hr. burn time

Our candles are eco-friendly and vegan-friendly using only:
-100% natural soy wax
-Cotton, lead-free wicks
-Non-toxic vegetable oil dyes
-Natural essential oils
-Organic herbs
-9oz jar comes packaged in a candle, travel tube made of recycled material and great for many other uses.

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