Banded Blue Agate Hearts

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These Banded Blue Agate hearts were mined and hand-carved in Madagascar.
Each heart has its own uniquely colored bands and each measures about 1.25" x 1.25" and weighs about 15g. 
Photos of hearts were taken in front of white light and flashlight to showcase their beautiful bands. 

Keywords: Communication, clarity, confidence.
Element: Water
Chakras: Throat

Blue Agate teaches us that our words create our reality and can be a reflection of our highest self. It is a soothing, gentle stone that can help to facilitate communication with guides in meditation, especially when seeking specific information and guidance. It can help one to understand the importance of communicating one's truth, knowledge, understanding and wisdom. Blue Agate can also be used on the third-eye to soothe an overactive mind and to assist in calming and still one's thoughts. 

Emotionally, Blue Agate is calming and centering. It can help to soothe nerves and calm overly stimulated children.   It can help one to identify negative speech patterns and habits, and to shift one's inner dialogue to be more positive and uplifting. It can facilitate shy people in speaking their ideas and sharing their knowledge and wisdom with others. It can assist in overly verbal individuals to calm their addiction to talking and assist them in focusing on saying only what really needs to be said. 

Physically, Blue Agate can be employed for sore throat, laryngitis, or other inflammations of the throat area. It is balancing to the thymus and thyroid glands and helps to calm hyperactivity. It is an excellent stone for children who may have difficulty sleeping due to excessive fear. 

Affirmation: I communicate my ideas with clarity, conviction and irresistible eloquence. 

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